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John Hughes - Honorary Chairman
C Co. , 3rd Marine Reg., 3rd Marine Div.
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January 25, 2002


President Magruder places Fordham on list along with Brown and Dartmouth as schools  for students to avoid as hostile to free speech. (Brown for threats against David Horowitz, Dartmouth for not letting student religious group hand out free C.S.Lewis book.)

Re-releases  earlier warning (part 2 to follow) on how gender feminists are lying to American school children. Says unique juxtaposition of feminist arrogance with ignorance must now be challenged at all universities.

"Heather Keena, a senior at the Univ. of Minnesota said of Women's Studies, "I was made to feel as though I was dependent and weak for preferring men to women as sexual partners, and to feel that my opinion was not  only insignificant , but somehow twisted." Said Kathleen Bittinger, "I was also told that my religious beliefs and sexual orientation are not the correct ones." From "Who Stole Feminism: How Women Have Betrayed Women," by Christina Hoff Sommers, Prof. of Philosophy, Clark Univ. This is not education. It is fanaticism and oppression

The Manifesto of Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform, delivered by Mr. Magruder at a meeting at the White House in the late 80's, contained the following statement:

"Particularly disturbing to my students was the fact that liberal thought had spawned, in the very heart of Academia, two totalitarian movements, the New Left and the S.D.S. , behind which tens  of thousands of students rallied to defeat the sacrifices for freedom of their own countrymen in Vietnam. Based largely on Marxism, these two groups, along with other atrocities, advocated authoritarian repression of opposing opinion and political violence."(The attack at Fordham was essentially a terroristic threat, and a familiar tactic of leftist academic thugs)

It was Christina Hoff Sommers who warned us of a new totalitarianism growing in the heart of academia. It was she who had the courage to tell us "The condition they   describe is mythic- with no foundation in the facts of contemporary American life."  It was she who told us how dishonestly they interpret texts through the bizarre, unheard of, techniques of  "gynocentrism " or "clitoral  hermeneutics". It was she who told us of the bad prose, psychobabble, and "new age nonsense" that fills the feminist classroom,  and showed how feminist research was phony "advocacy research,"  lies to further their ideological agenda. She told us of their infiltration into all departments and their enormous influence in university administrations, how  foundations and government agencies are investing enormous amounts of money into helping these women spread their divisive philosophy and influence. She told us how feminists are rewriting American history in ways that attribute to women a political and cultural importance the simply did not have. These lies are imposed by fiat on thousands of public schools. (See the article below) .She shows how feminists think within a closed system, totally immune to criticism. Any criticism simply confirms to them their theory of patriarchal or male oppression. To criticize feminist thought without tenure, she says,  is reckless in the extreme. It is virtually impossible to criticize gender feminism without paying for it in drastically diminished prospects for jobs or advancement in the American academy.

Gender feminism has been rapidly colonizing and "transforming" the American university. Yet  it has not met with any significant resistance. A befuddled liberalism, she says, has proved to be fertile soil for the growth of an intolerant phenomenon, just as it proved fertile soil for the development of the neo-Nazi tactics of the campus war protestors of the 60's.

"These feminist ideologies are helping no one," writes Ms. Sommers "on the contrary, their divisive and resentful philosophy adds to the woes of our society and hurts legitimate feminism." In ending her book she said it would take only a courageous few to launch the long-overdue critique that will puncture the intellectual affectations of the gender feminists.

Here are some compressed quotes from her book that should be enough to demand that male faculty find their balls again and force this growing cancer off campus, unless feminists can learn to use reason instead of dirty words.

"Said one professor, "It is very difficult to teach students who have been trained to take the "feminist perspective" They have this steely look in their eyes. They distrust everything you say. For them reason itself is patriarchal, linear, and oppressive."

Said one professor, "It is "suicidal" to criticize campus feminists in any way. They want people to be scared. Then you keep quiet and they don't have to deal with you."

Said four Wooster seniors, "Over and over again we heard how awful men are. That there is no point in caring for males, that romantic involvement is futile." 

To criticize feminist ideology is now hazardous in the extreme. Aspirants to university…posts are aware that they will probably have to show a record of demonstrated sympathy with gender feminist doctrines and policies. The same is rapidly becoming true for faculty appointments.

One professor of social science told me: "We have a hardened and embittered core of radical feminists…At faculty meetings we have learned to speak in code: you say things that alert other faculty members that you do not agree with the feminists." 

All applicants for teaching position at Cornell must show that they are conversant with and sympathetic to the new feminist scholarship… they are specifically asked to examine the relationship of the feminist perspective to their work.( note: its like a physicist being asked to demonstrate a working knowledge of astrology ! LM)

The Peggy MacIntosh Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College, a center of the transformationist movement,(gender feminism), has a multimillion -dollar budget.( note: Peggy McIntosh is best known  for her racist remark "The emphasis on right/wrong answers is a culturally oppressive idea and unfair to minority students." Said Jaime Escalante, the legendary math teacher of Los Angeles, "Ideas like this are the kiss of death for minority youth, and will significantly stall the advancement of minorities." LM)     

The University of Minnesota has established a core of graduate students called "Classroom Climate Advisors:" to help students offended by the remarks of professors or fellow students.  (i.e. make sure they adhere to the  feminist party line)

Faculty members who are not keeping up with current trends  in feminist thought may be disqualified from sitting on tenure and promotion committees.

The public has no idea of how bizarre, how pagan, this cult on our campuses has become. The symbol of the movement is three women holding up the moon. At Princeton and other universities they actually have "moon groups", where young women gather at night in the woods to worship the moon. Robert Bork in his last book told how when NOW met in Beijing the feminists  built a shrine to all the Goddesses, and held daily programs, each one dedicated to a different ancient pagan goddess, Sonji, Athena, Tara, Pasowee, Ishtar, Ixmucane, Aditi, and Nashe.

And menstruation is very big in women's study courses. The Univ. of Minnesota offers a course on "Blood Symbolism in Cross-Cultural Perspective" Topics covered include "blood and sexual fluids" and "menstruation and blood letting." At Vassar college they will occasionally have a "bleed-in." Penn U. is known for its notorious  annual C---Fest, while millions continue to be spent spreading the play, "The Vagina Monologues," around the world.

In other words, Christina Hoff Sommers has exposed for the world to see that a new police state is again growing right in  the heart of academia, as occurred in the 60's, and linked to the values of that era.  As Sommers points out in her book , "Many of the feminists who entered the academy in the seventies and eighties had been activists in the antiwar sixties." Or as Robert Bork said, "Radical feminism is the most destructive and fanatical movement to come down to us from the Sixties".

For her courage in exposing this dangerous growing cult a professor and feminist sympathizer at Fordham Univ. stood up and yelled at her in the middle of a lecture she was giving, "Shut up , you f------ b----." This is totally unacceptable.

Bork probably has summed it up best. "Totalitarian in spirit, radical feminism is deeply antagonistic to traditional Western culture, Women's studies and programs are abysmal swamps of irrational dogma and hatred…it certainly deserves its own place in the halls of intellectual barbarism."

Gender feminists don't use reasoned arguments, they prefer expletives, dirty words, less work. And since they are perpetually constipated with 'outrage', expletives come easy. The incident at Fordham happened at about the same time that Mr. Magruder, a former professor of psychology and President of  Vietnam Veterans for Academic Reform was signaling the end of gender feminist tyranny at the Univ. of Kansas with his High Noon Shoot Out at Wescoe Hall. He walked unhindered throughout the Hall in defiance of a threat by the Chairman of the Philosophy Dept. to throw him out because he had written an article stating that gender feminists were lying about 1 in 4 female students on campuses being raped. Within hours of the publication of the article the debate in the Philosophy Dept.  degenerated into a vicious, slanderous, and foul-mouthed exchange, including a discussion with the  police about possible terroristic threats and reports by the Chairman to the Dean. Again, the feminists proved unable to reason,  resorting, as at Fordham, to expletives. Wrote one graduate teaching assistant in philosophy, "You're full of s---." Wrote another "Don't send me any more of your gibberish, you sick f---."

The Battle of Wescoe Hall, said Magruder, should be understood as symbolic of the beginning of total war against all campus movements, many of them traceable to the leftist lies of the 60's war protests, that are oppressing today's students. He said he was calling upon all American veteran groups , those who have fought for freedom, to march in protest on any campus being victimized by leftist, particularly gender feminist , brainwashing.

Wrote Thomas Sowell, noted Stanford African-American scholar and columnist in a letter to Mr. Magruder recently, "Academic reform is necessary and no one has more moral authority to demand that they clean up their act than those who put their lives on the line for their country." Wrote the Republican National Committee,       "Your article about gender feminism and your concerns about its place in schools will be included in a daily report to the Chairman ."

Part 2 of -V.V.A.R. Defends Sommers
Leonard Magruder- President/Founder
Former Professor of psychology-Suffolk College, N.Y.

Jan. 27, 2002

                  How Gender Feminists are Lying to School Children 
By Leonard Magruder 

Said Roger Kimball in "Tenured Radicals", "When the children of the 60's received their professorships and  deanships, they did not abandon their dream of radical cultural transformation; they set out to implement it. Now, instead of attempting to destroy our educational institutions physically , they are subverting them from within."

In the largest and best known study of how gender feminists are rewriting history to forward their leftist agenda, Paul Vitz, Professor of Psychology at New York University studied 670 accounts  in 90 of the most widely used textbooks in secondary education, grades 1 through 6 , and studied by 88% of the nation's students. The ostensible purpose of these textbooks is to introduce students to American society, its political, economic, and social values, and its history.

The results of the study, which was federally funded by the National Institute of Education , are found in the book by Vitz, "Censorship: Evidence of Bias in our Children's Textbooks". The study was double-checked by three distinguished scholars at EPIE, an independent board of examiners.

To begin with, for all practical purposes, religion is totally excluded from these texts. After l750 there is only one reference to Catholicism and no reference to Judaism or Protestantism.   Martin Luther King Jr. , in  clear evidence of racism, is  mentioned in a few texts, but only one mentions that he was a minister, and there is no reference to the fact that the black churches played a role in the Civil Rights struggle.  On the other hand, Egyptian, Polynesian, Greek, Roman, Indian (Buddhism and Hinduism), Islam, and Native American religion are extensively covered , along with numerous accounts of magic and the occult , students even being given information on how to practice these arts.

Only  5 of the 670 accounts deal with any patriotic theme . Three of these deal with the ride of Sybil Ludington , in 1777, a black woman dressed as a man who warned about the approach of  the British. There are no accounts of persons such as Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, Daniel Boone, or Paul Revere.

By far the most noticeable ideological position in these textbooks, says Vitz, is that of the gender feminists, shown in a number of ways. No story clearly supports motherhood or marriage for today's women, and no story shows a woman in any positive relationship to a child. Only five stories deal with romantic love and one of these is about two dogs. The words "marriage", "husband", or "wife" do not occur even once. A number of stories are clearly hostile towards men and male roles. In a number of stories showing physical competition between boys and girls the girls almost always win. There are even stories that rewrite history by referring to  judges, merchants  and soldiers at times and places  where, in fact, there weren't any.

Wrote Professor Vitz, "These studies make it abundantly clear that public school textbooks commonly exclude the history, heritage, beliefs, and values of millions of Americans.  Liberal and secular bias is accomplished by exclusion, by leaving out the opposing position… a very particular and narrow sectarian philosophy has taken control of American textbooks."

There needs to be a massive uprising by the American people against the gender feminists for using taxpayer money to brainwash their children in a long range program they call "transformism". They are stealing America right from under our noses, and asking us to pay for it. Parents are being asked to support schools that are systematically liquidating their most cherished beliefs , brainwashing that is clearly a violation of the First Amendment.

The university liberals and leftists, such as gender feminists, are moving the country in a direction not only at odds with what the vast majority of Americans believe, but in a direction increasingly sociopathic, devoid of any discussion of morality or values.

What is needed is to  acknowledge a massive moral and intellectual bankruptcy on the part of the university professors who prepare these textbooks and courses, and to call for an immediate exposure of their basic assumptions to re-examination in debate with philosophers and expecially theologians.  America now ranks 19th in international scholastic competition. Our educators stand speechless before the specter of a collapse that they themselves engineered .The nation is under no further obligation to indulge them, with the whole future of America at stake.

In the 60's it was the universities, behind the backs of those serving, that had the most to say about the Vietnam War, almost all of it lies, and as David Horowitz now admits, treasonous. But the vets are back and now it is their turn to question what the universities are doing. The evidence is clear, that in various forms they are sacrificing the children of America to their left/liberal ideology just as they sacrificed the children of South Vietnam to that same ideology in the 60's. And then there is all that baby talk coming out of the universities on the current crisis.

We invite all vets to e-mail their comments on all this to and we will see that it is passed on to the university. Our intellectuals need to understand that they don't have the field to themselves this time. And the American people are fed up with multiculturalism, speech codes, gender feminism, political correctness, dormitory-reeducation and all the other totalitarian attacks on America, democracy and student rights spewing out of our universities. -  785-843-3737  Distribution: National media, Vietnam vets in Congress, noted journalists and columnists, heads of veteran organizations, K.U. faculty and student org. ,Kansas and major university newspapers.

Anyone wishing to reproduce all or any part of this release may do so. LM