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Constitution vs The New World Order  

(17 hour DVD's and Audio Tapes)

"Waco: A new Revelation" is the film that triggered a new Congressional Investigation of the Waco Tragedy and caused the Justice Department and the FBI to reverse their long held positions on Waco. After six years of investigation, the complete story of the tragedy near Waco is finally coming to light. This compelling feature-length documentary presents new revelations about the events that led up to the deaths of 79 men, women and children at Mount Carmel on April 19, 1993. Running time 110 minutes. Narrated by former FBI Special Agent; Dr. Frederic Whitehurst. ( New video, by MGA Films, Inc.)
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Victor Mordecai: Author; Lecturer;

The book's cover is comprised of the title "Christian Revival for Israel's Survival," & the flags of Israel & the U.S.A. because it is Christian America, God's most chosen country that must come to the defense of Israel, God's chosen nation. $10.00 (includes shipping & handling)

"July 4th - 20016 - The Last Independence Day"

by Adrian H. Krieg

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Victor Mordecai: Author; Lecturer;
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This book offers compelling proof that fanatic Islam is a threat to our world today! It is the major force of destabilization & threat to world peace. There are also conclusions & suggestions for the future of America & the world. Victor Mordecai speaks six languages and has received his B. A. from Hebrew University, 1973, majoring in Sovietology/Russian Studies and East European Studies (including Serbia), with a minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies. As the former Senior Editor and Translator in Yitzhah Shamir's Government Press Office (1989/1990) he is highly qualified to communicate succinctly and accurately on any of the above topics. Currently he is an official spokesman for the Israeli Army.
This book deals with How the conspiracy controls society. How do they implement their plans? What is the intended outcome if they succeed? How is judicial action used to circumvent the will of the people. What think-tank devised the methods by which they are manipulated? Why fiat money has no value. How the American FRS controls America. How our Constitution is being subverted The process of Information Overload (IO) and what it means to you. How the media in America is totally controlled How Judicial Activism (JA) works to subvert your rights. What the purpose is of Cultural Marxism. (CM)[Political Correctness The process of Legislative Encroachment What the purpose is of Socialist Environmentalism Finance and Funny Money.This Book is 320 pages long and is the result of over two years of research. It is a sequel to the Satori book, which dealt with the who of the conspiracy. This book deals with the how. The book contains numerous historic flashbacks that verify the text.

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