By Chilton Williamson Jr.

From: Middle American News (p.7 April 2004 Issue)


President Bush in his 2002 State of the Union address announced what David Frum and Richard Perle describe in An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror as "an ambitious program" to encourage American citizens to observe and report suspicious behavior in public places, and their own backyards.  In defense of the President's program, Frum and Perle enthusiastically retail an anecdote borrowed from the historian Daniel Pipes (a fellow author and neoconservative hawk) recounting a neighborly tip that resulted in the arrest of a Palestinian working for Intel in Oregon on charges that he had donated over $10,000 to a Muslim charity accused of financing terrorist groups.  A good day's work, you may say.  And so it was.

Yet the anonymous informer's one-time accomplishment is eclipsed by the day-in-and-out efforts of two American citizens' groups which for several years now have been patrolling America's Southwest border and apprehending hundreds (by now, perhaps, thousands) of aggressive, destructive, often vicious aliens swarming from Mexico across their property like locusts on the way to the magnet cities of  Tucson, Phoenix-and points north, west, and east.  You might suppose that the armed volunteers working for Ranch Rescue and Civil Homeland Defense (at substantial physical and still greater legal danger to themselves) would have gained the attention of President Bush and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, have been invited to the White House and had PATRIOT medals pinned to their chests.  At the very least, you could say, they deserve honorable mention from the likes of Mssrs. Perle and Frum.  Of course, neither event is remotely conceivable.  Homeland Defense is a fraud and a lie, because a real and effective national defense would entail a devastating attack on both political correctness and the transformative agenda the American elite has in mind for this country-and refuses to give up, even in wartime.

The motley invaders racing north across the border in the dead of night are not just poor Mexican paisanos stumbling through the cholla cactus looking for a place to throw their babies' dirty diapers.  Nor are they on mules, carrying a few ounces of marijuana in their daypacks.  The border towns of rural Mexico have been known for years to host groups of swarthy Mideasterners waving bankrolls under the noses of eager coyotes ready to guide them safely into the United States.  (Half the money for the coyotes; the other half for an Islamic Studies program in Detroit?)  Who knows how many of these "migrants" have come across since September 11-or before?  Perhaps the names of some of them are household words already.  Ranch Rescue and Civil Homeland Defense stand ready to apprehend those who follow in their footsteps.  If only American government at the county, state and federal levels would cooperate instead of harassing them and looking to find a pretext for throwing them all into jail.

George Bush warned that you are either with "us" in the war against terrorism, or you are with the terrorists and against "us".  But just who-finally-are the terrorists who are trying to take this country down-and succeeding at it?  Are they "them?"  Or are they "us?"

Two and a half years after the attack of September 11, the large majority of Americans do not live in fear of the blast from a smuggled atom bomb exploded in Washington, D.C., or Houston.  They do not lie awake at night agonizing over whether or not to buy a plane ticket the next day and fly cross-continent to visit Aunt Millicent in San Diego.  Kansas farmers do not tremble in their Carharts, expecting to confront lowflying planes spraying human instead of insect poison above their wheatfields.  American tourists and businessmen do not think twice about traveling abroad.  There is very little sign, indeed, that Americans fear danger of the sort that originates from overseas.  This is because they do not observe at work in this country a foreign menace of the kind that tears down societies from within, rots them, or causes them to implode.  America actually confronts such a menace today; but the threatened terror is homegrown, as are the terrorists that produce it.  Of course, in America we don't call them terrorists.  We call them mayors, governor, presidents, judges, CEO's, lobbyists, activists, entertainers, ministers of God, bishops, social workers, educators, humanitarians, philanthropists-and the politicians who aid and abet their program of destruction.

These are the people who are destroying the America Americans know, not a handful of ragged jihadists from the Middle East.  Sixty years after the German and Japanese armies failed to invade and lay waste the United States, "we" are conducting a holocaust in which ourselves are the victim.  It seems to be rocking right along according to plan, too.

What puts (literally) the fear of God into the American people these days is the export of their jobs overseas, or the loss of them to electronic machines that never ask for a pay raise, need a day off, or require expensive health insurance.  It is affirmative action laws, which deny them the jobs they deserve in favor of giving them to members of minority groups, even when they don't deserve them.  It is national immigration policy, which allows illegal aliens to run roughshod over their property on the way to harboring American destinations, and then to loot their tax contributions when they get there.  It is their government's determination to dissolve the people and elect a new one, more submissive and manageable than the original one.  It is the overcrowding of their country and the abuse and exhaustion of their resources by scores of millions of immigrants welcomed-in fact. invited-by the master class.

Americans fear courts, state and federal, that deconstruct American society by rewriting the laws that reflect and govern it, according to their private opinions and desires.  They fear the destruction of a society of laws that this entirely revolutionary activity entails.  They fear the arbitrary and illegal actions of presumptuous government officials who refuse to uphold the laws of their jurisdiction, preferring instead to make "bold" gestures in defiance of the laws they are sworn to uphold.  They fear crowds of sexual deviants thronging city halls across the nation, threatening a moral violence equal to the physical violence of the Paris revolutionists mobbing the Bastile.  They fear pastors who molest their sons, and preachers who molest their faith.  they fear the nihilistic morality of television and movie producers, and the sadistic morality of the "entertainers" they promote, as if with the express purpose of corrupting their own and other people's children.  They fear corporate executives who steal their life savings and rig and manipulate the financial markets to their loss.  They fear laws that seem to point to the slow creation of a police state in the name of Homeland Defense and national security, and the unceasing and everpresent campaign to repeal their constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms.

And we're expected to fixate our attention on the danger offered by people who contribute to Muslim charity, and scare ourselves half to death at the thought of a bogey with a shoe bomb?