Concealed Carry Laws: How To Keep Your Family Safe And Keep Yourself Out Of Prison

Firearms Legislation In The 112th Congress

Ten Really Important  Problems with the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin Sell- out


‘Armed Gays don’t get bashed’ *

Jonathan Rauch, an openly Gay senior writer at National Journal magazine, has examined this aspect of contemporary culture in his writing. While he has criticized attempts to use hate crimes laws to curb anti-Gay violence, he has offered another solution...........the second amendment is not exclusive, it is and has always been, inclusive!....did this group of people just realize that?..if so then the old saying "it's never too late" applies...the second amendment is color and gender blind....I'm glad to see these people waking up and empowering themselves.....welcome back to "America".

Forgive me, for I have sinned

An About Face After Being Saved by a Gun Owner.....
I am one of those people who you loathe. One of those invisible people who come into your living room without asking your permission. One of those people who follow you while you shop, and make it harder for you to make legal purchases. One of those people who try and tell you how to raise your children, as if you don't know how. One of those who gives ratings to stations that promote our demise as a free nation. I am your enemy. Or at least I was.
..............a wake up call to others who believe dialing 911 is the only way to go.

ACLU and the 2nd Amendment

The ACLU has often been criticized for "ignoring the Second Amendment" and refusing to fight for the individual's right to own a gun or other weapons. This issue, however, has not been ignored by the ACLU. The national board has in fact debated and discussed the civil liberties aspects of the Second Amendment many times...........yeah and with a right of the person being denied.......gee I wonder what their true reasoning is?...........I wonder how many of them are armed?

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