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Visa Entry Reform Act of 2001
You can help stop illegal immigration & keep track of ALL who enter our borders-One person can make a difference. If everyone who visits this website contacts their reps. to put the heat on, this bill might just make it through! Act now! We need it, now! And because nothing has been done to protect America from the illegals crossing the borders, especially from Mexico, our representatives are going to make us give up our privacy by passing legislation for a NATIONAL ID CARD. If this infuriates you as it does me, check this site out, read, weep and do something: The Road to a National ID Card

(UNITING AND STRENGTHENING AMERICA BY PROVIDING APPROPRIATE TOOLS REQUIRED TO INTERCEPT AND OBSTRUCT TERRORISM ACT OF 2001) if you think the title is long check out the bill itself-134 pages of bulls*&%$......I like my short one instead, "CLOSE BORDERS, CLEAN HOUSE!"
A breakdown of the Patriot Act, Freedom Act, and FISA

H.R. 1460

This bill was introduced by Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO.), it's goal is to keep the FBI from taxing and registering gun owners. This bill is identical to the language introduced by Sen. Bob Smith of N.H. three years ago--it would have, if fully enacted, cut the heart out of the Brady Law. Now it is back thanks to Rep. Hefley and we need to get our Representatives to co-sponsor it. Contact your Reps. and ask them to co-sponsor this bill.....toll free number: 1-877-762-8762. It won't cost you anything to call, so you have no excuse for not participating in the democratic form of government that is left. It is up to us to do that, so I urge you to make the call today, for we may not have a tomorrow.

H.R. 1460 will allow private individuals to sue the FBI for any violations of privacy under the Brady Law....such as maintaining registration information. Moreover, the bill specifically offers to compensate gun owners for legal fees when they sue the FBI and this is a very critical tool that we need to keep them in line so as to preserve our RIGHTS!


Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton, has said that Clinton\rquote s last-second monument designations will stand because there has been no outcry from property rights advocates. In fact, the American Policy Center has received word from a White House insider that property rights advocates are going to be rolled on the monuments issue unless the White House and Gale Norton hear from the grassroots in a major way-NOW! The greens have a massive effort underway to pressure the White House to make certain that Clinton's monuments stand.

You simply must make your calls! Call NOW! Call EARLY! Call OFTEN! These land grabs must be reversed. These monuments shut the American public out of their land. Permanently! These monuments kill local industries, seal off valuable natural resources, cripple whole towns, and rape private property rights. But Gale Norton and others won't act unless they are pressured from property rights advocates. As of today, we are failing in our efforts.

1. Call the White House and urge President Bush to REVERSE the Clinton National Monuments. Explain that the monuments shut us out of our land! Also, let the President know that the monuments devastate local industries. White House phone number: (202) 456-1414.

2. Call Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton, and urge her to repeal the Clinton Monuments for the reasons stated above. Sec. Norton's phone number: (202) 208-7351.

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